Uber **$5 Ride Referral Coupons

Uber **$5 Ride Referral Coupons 1

SALE LIMITED TIME $2.05 each instead of $2.15!


For time being change your country to US if it is set at a different country it looks like they patched the country that made it 10$. BUT I NEED YOU TO CHANGE COUNTRY BACK TO UNITED STATES. This because 5$ coupons won't or likely won't apply to future rides unless you do so. **Testing out price right now because method still cost me close to the same to do so please bare with me. Thanks for your Patience Everyone!
**!!Existing uber users Welcomed!!!***​
Uber 5$ Coupon Referrals
COST: 2.15$ USD Each

BUY ATLEAST 24hrs before you wish to use it because the process is not fast and would like to ensure that it will work.

Expire 3 months after given!

You may buy as many 5$ referrals as you would like but can only use 1 per ride they are not stackable.

Can only promise 5$ coupon for US & Canada.

If you are in a different country you will only get what your referral value is under free ride section.

If you are using uber on daily basis and paying uber a huge amount for ride , then you are at right place, I will help you guys to save up to 5$ on every ride.

My service is pretty cheap and I will add rides in your account in maximum 24 hours from when I start process.

If you didn't get ride, send me a message I will verify again, and if anything bad happens from my side, i will add ride again.
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Thank you! For the trust and the good service!
Great communication. Thanks for the quick turnaround.
Great product, got it in less than a day.
Great service! Quick replies and got my referrals done within a day.
This is an amazing deal and it works perfectly.
Worked perfectly. Bought 2 and got $10 off each of my last 2 rides.
Purchased 5 $10 referrals and had them in less than 24 hours. Got 1 extra! Recommended!
Excellent service and transaction received in less than 24 hours. Will order again!
amazing! Worked smoothly and transaction went really well! Will buy again!
Reliable and efficient