Uber EATS 20$ Referral Coupons 2020-06-15

Uber Eats 20$ Coupon Referrals
COST: 9.00$ USD Each

BUY ATLEAST 24hrs before you wish to use it because the process is not fast and would like to ensure that it will work.

Expire within 2 months. I OFFER NO WARRANTY!

You may buy as many 20$ referrals as you would like but can only use 1 per order and they are not stackable.

Can only promise 20$ coupon for US.

If you are in a different country you will only get what your referral value is under referral section in uber EATS app.

If you buy food on a daily basis or paying uber a huge amount for food , then you are at right place, I will help you guys to save up to 20$ on every food order.

My service is pretty cheap and I will add eats referrals in your account in maximum 24 hours from when I start process.

If you didn't get a referral, send me a message I will verify again, and if anything bad happens from my side, i will add referral again.

Directions to use Coupon
1.) Add your food to your cart
2.) Make sure 20$ off coupon is applied

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Latest reviews

Great service and communication definitely will be buying from again!
Great and fast service
Great service! Will be buying from in the future again
This method is very hassle free, and admin replies more often when and if there is any difficulty. Would recommend to a friend. :)
Great to order these coupons in advance. Just loaded to my account and I can order food whenever I feel like it.